Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's Performaing at Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival

Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival – September 19-20. The Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival is here again and it’s always a lot of fun! Back again this year is The Joe Sharino Band who will be performing on Sunday afternoon in the main Central Park Arena. Joe and his band always put on a terrific show that’s sure to get people dancing and having a great time. For a complete list of events, go to This year especially, I think it’s important that we all find a way to go out and have a little fun. It’s free to attend, the food is wonderful, the people are great, and all money generated through concessions goes to local charities. One such charity is the Santa Clara Schools Foundation (SCSF). This foundation has existed for about 20 years and its sole capacity is to raise money to give to local schools for things not funded publicly. For example, many scholarships have been awarded over the years by this organization and many other local companies. But this foundation is one that local educators have come to rely upon when they are in need of something that isn’t budgeted elsewhere. Things like allowing the opportunity for an underprivileged Santa Clara student to attend a field trip or a camp. Things like projectors that teachers need to assist in teaching the students. It’s really too long of a list to explain here. But what I found very special about this foundation is that it is made up entirely of volunteers who not only donate their time, effort and energy to this organization, but also their money. Nobody asks for anything in return. And every dollar spent goes to helping the students of Santa Clara become better educated and well rounded. The foundation has a new website: that explains what they do and how they do it. You can even donate if you like. As you may know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the kids attending Santa Clara schools because I happen to be a product of that school system. I think I turned out OK (but there are probably some detractors out there). Over the years, I’ve been called upon by educators to speak to students at various grade levels in their classrooms about a variety of subjects ranging from real estate to personal finances to simply read a story to elementary kids. It’s something I really enjoy doing and am always willing to carve out time to help where I can. Since learning about the SCSF foundation, I became so excited about finding another way to help our local kids that I also volunteered for this organization. SCSF will have a booth at the Art and Wine Festival. So guess where you’ll find me... I’ve volunteered to pour wine at the SCSF booth on Saturday, September 19 from noon to 2:00. Please stop by and say hello! Cheers. -Gary Nobile, Realtor (408) 247-4029

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