Monday, November 17, 2008

100% Financing Here Again, Really!

Because of our relationship with Fannie Mae, our office is presently offering several Fannie Mae owned properties for sale. There's only only a handful of them in Santa Clara County, but most have "Express Path" financing. That means that if you want to buy a home and live in it, you can get in with no down payment. In addition, your APPRAISAL is FREE. Today when you buy a home and put less than 20% down, there is an additional closing cost and monthly fee for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). But with these properties, the PMI is FREE. I've tried to advertise this on Craigslist, but they keep flagging me and deleting my ads. I assume it's because no one believes it's possible to get 100% financing in this market. But it's true! Please contact me for a FREE list of these homes at (408) 247-4029.

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  1. Please send me a list of these homes.