Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Writer Reveals Himself

Blog Writer Reveals Himself. Looking back at my past several months of blogging, I noticed how one dimensional I’ve become. Real estate, real estate, real estate. There has to be more to life. While I’m very pleased with the content I’ve shared in hopes to inform the public on the fast changing environment of real estate, that’s all I’ve talked about. When I read news, I suppose I never really cared so much about the writer so much and figured you’re probably much the same way. Just give me the info, and let me be on my way. I’m too busy to read about your personal crap. But in case this is one of those days where you have an extra minute to read about my, ur, stuff, here it is.
Last night I played in our first softball game of the summer league at Twin Creeks in Sunnyvale. It’s a great park (except for the “Candlestick South” winds). I’ve been playing softball as an adult for over 20 years and their umpires are the best I’ve ever been around. They’re accurate, fair, and often times personable. They don’t get too caught up in the ego of being in control unless one does something dumb enough to irritate them (something I’ve learned the hard way). Twin Creeks has a nice clubhouse for food and drinks and the fields are fairly well maintained. Anyway, last night was an exciting game. We started with 8 players (you need 10 in softball) and the other team took advantage of the obvious holes in our defense going up 4-0 in the first inning. Then the rest of our guys showed up and we came back going up 15-10 in the sixth inning. The opposing team tied it in the top of the last inning and we didn’t score when we were up causing us to go to extra innings. The opposing team then went ahead 17-15. Our last set of at bats was interesting. We came back to tie it 17-17 with two men on base and two outs. During the game I was walked two times (who wants to walk in softball?!) got one hit, made one out (fielder’s choice) and scored two runs. So I was in the first base coaching box waiting to see what would happen with one of our good hitters at the plate. He hits a soft pop up a little over the second baseman’s head, but it was catchable. But their guy dropped it and we won. As much as I love winning, it reminded me of two weeks earlier. We were in a playoff game where it was all tied up in extra innings and I dropped the ball. We lost. Our team played a terrific game and I felt horrible. It wasn’t like me to make an error in a pressure situation. But last night all I could think of was, I’m glad it wasn’t me.

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