Friday, July 17, 2009

Willow Glen Home Sales Up

Willow Glen Home Sales Up. Willow Glen homes sales are up 57% from last year. If one looks at pending sales as a leading indicator (as I do), it’s a compelling story about the health of the local real estate market. I can recall my first day in statistics class. My professor’s opening line was: ‘There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” I also heard a famous author say, “If you didn’t read the newspaper you were uninformed, but if you read it you were misinformed”. But if one looks carefully at the information and interprets it correctly, it can be a potent indicator. Once in a while the press gets it right and the statistics are correct. Today, the San Jose Mercury News had headlines showing that home sales are up to the highest levels in 3 years. Perhaps they finally are starting to read my blog because I’ve been talking about this for several months now. The point is, if you’re looking to trade up, do it now because waiting will not only cost you in terms of home price, but it will cost you in property taxes as well! Search for your new home at: Need a consultation for the value of your home?

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